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The Mill

As soon as you walk in, The Mill communicates a great rustic vibe.

There’s so much wood in this place, that if you didn’t know any better, you might think that you were dining in some sort of high end wood working shop. That feel continues over into the menu. They treat their dishes akin to how a carpenter or woodsmith would treat a beautiful piece of wood. Not only that, but the staff is helpful as all get out. These people know their menu inside and out, and are comfortable talking you through what you like, and what on the menu can best meet those desires.


        We started with this Watermelon Bruschetta that had heirloom tomatoes, european cucumber, on whipped feta and smoked pistachio brittle that had the perfect sweetness to savory ratio. The Southern Belle Salad isn’t your average side salad, with candied pecans, sage derby cheese, dried apricots, and honeycup vinaigrette sauce is a salad in and of itself, but the southern fried chicken served on the side pulls all the flavors together. Then we ordered Pan Seared Diver Scallops and the Aspen Ridge Beef. The lemon tzatziki and the carrot pomegranate molasses blend well to make an amazing sauce for the scallops, and while i’m normally a fillet sort of guy, the waiter convinced me to check out something new and try the beef. A flat iron steak served Pittsburg style with salt baked red bliss tomatoes, braised swiss chard, mushroom ketchup , and blue cheese butter. I now have a number one reason to try new things. The steak was cooked perfectly, and this weird concoction of flavors mixed perfectly.


After dinner, we left to catch a movie, but when they told us they were open until midnight, we decided that the meal was so worth it that there was no way we weren’t coming back for dessert. When i say the words “Honey Black Pepper Cheesecake”, does your stomach immediately begin to rumble? Because if not, then you may not be human by my standards. Just seeing those words in that combination was enough for me to know that returning was one decision we won’t soon regret. The desserts were amazing and probably the best part of the meal. I’m a huge cheesecake fan, and this one is to die for. We also got the Deep-Dish Walnut Pie, and this thing wasn’t messing around either. With a bitter orange chantilly and a fireball ginger reduction, this is one pie that delivers on flavor in full force.


As if everything i just said wasn’t enough to convince you to go check this place out, they had free valet and when we got back in the car they had a package with cookies waiting for us. I literally have no idea why you’re still reading this instead of just getting yourself down to The Mill to check out anything i just mentioned, or any of the other awesome dishes on their menu. Seriously, go right now. Put your shoes on your feet and just wear whatever you’re wearing right now, because no matter how you slice it, The Mill is worth it.


Address: 200 Central Ave #100,

St Petersburg, FL 33701


Phone:(727) 317-3930


Men: https://www.facebook.com/themilldtsp