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Stillwaters Tavern

Upon walking into Stillwater Tavern, it immediately feels warm and inviting. It’s a loud place, but because of the insulation and open feel, it never feels too loud. You never struggle to hear the conversation at your table, and instead the ambiance is just white noise in the background. The menu is impressive with a bunch of really unique options to choose from, but don’t worry if you can’t decide, because the wait staff is incredibly knowledgeable in the menu.


We left our fate in the hands of the chef and had the Blackened Grouper special. It was served with blue hubbard squash puree, middle eastern freekeh, and a mason honey cream sauce. Be careful when eating this dish, because if you take a piece of grouper along with the puree, Freekeh and sauce all at once you might get flavor overloaded (Disclaimer: By be careful, I mean do this if you want a flavor explosion in your mouth, because everything is perfectly delicious).


We also ordered poutine sud, which was some delicious slow roasted smoked pork with cheese curds and red cabbage slaw. The lager cheese fondue was rad, and apparently made with a local lager and sharp cheddar, and the soft pretzels that came with to dip in it were just perfect. The pan seared airline chicken was great, but the jalapeno cheddar bread pudding it was served with was amazing. The pan seared sea scallops were served with roasted vegetables, grilled king mushrooms, and had a truffle brioche butter that blended everything wonderfully.

The short rib burger with red wine mustard was awesome and cooked to perfection. The house-made vegetarian burger was served up gyro style with pickled red onions, harissa tzatziki, and feta cheese. It was by far one of the best veggie burgers in town.


 Everything was cooked wonderfully, all the flavors complimented each other well, and they weren’t messing around with portions sizes. We left wanting more for the flavors, but feeling full and satisfied. For having such a unique menu, these guys really did a great job mixing in flavors you wouldn’t expect that added up to something we didn’t even know we wanted until we had it.


It’s the kind of place that requires multiple visits to really get the full effect of how awesome their menu really is. The attempt to bring new flavors to classic dishes is “Worth It!” by itself, and the fact that they actually pull it off and make everything work really goes to show that you’re missing out if you haven’t stopped by Stillwater Tavern yet.