When walking into Souzou you can immediately feel the blend of styles they want to create. You can tell that they're catering to their crowd in the St. Pete area, that's filled with great places to eat that all have a mellow vibe, but they have the fine dining experience to back it up. And with so many places in that area providing delicious options, believe me when I say, the food here is among the best.


Talk about the service, these people are charming, and pleasant. If I were sick in bed, and my friends came to see me and specifically used the words "is there anything I can get you?" And i asked them to bring me something to eat, I wouldn't even expect them to treat me as well as the staff did here. Really understanding people, who want to help you find what you want, and then make sure it's not only what you wanted, but also something you enjoyed. The chef even came out to our table to make sure we liked what he prepared. How rad is that?


Check out this food. It looks like a picture on a menu, but that’s how it comes served to you. This food is the closest I've come to knowing what it’s like to live in a commercial. Because what i pictured the perfect version of what i wanted being like, that’s exactly what i got.

You know that face you make when your friends buy you gifts and you have to look at them in the face and pretend that you really like it, meanwhile all you're thinking about is what that friend of yours was thinking when they decided to get you this thing you don't want? Now imagine the opposite of that face, and that's what we look like every time they bring out the next plate.


First there was the Always Sunny in St. Pete Uramaki. When you bite into these things, each layer was perfectly represented, starting with fresh salmon, followed up by delicious cream cheese and avocado to round things out. Then we got this Pork Bulgogi on Steamed Buns that’s just packed with flavor from the Korean barbecue sauce and Kimchi. The Sesame Seared Tuna was drizzled with sweet chili sauce and came served with jasmine rice that had papaya Yuzu salsa sitting right on top. You can tell each piece of this food puzzle was selected specifically to fit into a flavor masterpiece. These guys know what they’re doing. And right when we thought things couldn’t get any tastier, they brought out our ginger coconut crème brûlée. The ginger flavor is in full effect here, with a hint of coconut to back it up. Talk about an amazing dessert to end a truly Worth It meal.


Address: 435 5th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33701


Phone:(727) 823-4050