Cabernet Sauvignon - A full-bodied wine with great depth that only will improve with age.  Some of the flavors in a cab include black cherry, black currant and plum.


Our fave?

Carson Ridge, Cabernet, 2013.

ABV: 13.5%. $12

Malbec -The flavors in a Malbec Wine include black cherry, rasberry, plum, blueberry, pomegranate and blackberry.  This is one of my favorite types of wine.  Usually has a dark fruit flavor with a smoky finish.


We love the Luca, Malbec, 2012.

ABV: 14%. $29

Merlot - Herbs, green olive, cherry and chocolate. Softer and medium in weight with fewer tannins than Cabernet and ready to drink sooner. Takes well to Oak aging. It is frequently used as a blending wine with Cabernet to soften


Check out the Yellow Tail Reserve, Merlot.

ABV: 14%. $12

Petite Sirah - A full-bodied red wine with blueberry, plum, pepper, and chocolate flavors mark this deep, ruby colored wine.


Pinot Noir -This is a light bodied red wine with flavors of cherry, cranberry, and clove.