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Oyster Bar

We stopped by The Oyster Bar in St. Pete. The vibe in the place walks the line between classy and casual like a tightrope act, but you know, not nearly as intense. As you walk to your table, it’s hard to look around and see an empty seat, or a seat that doesn’t have a person smiling and enjoying their food in it.


The staff seem welcoming in that way that it doesn’t matter how busy they are, but they’re here for you specifically.


There’s a wide menu variety that can fit a lot of different needs, including vegetarian options. Which we didn’t necessarily partake in, but it’s good to be inclusive, you know?


Anyway, we did however have the Oysters Rockafeller, Buffalo Oysters, The Grouper Dinner that was served with Creamed Spinach, the Scallops Dinner, and the Salmon dinner. All of which were truly wonderful. They were presented well, fresh, and a real pleasure to put into our face holes. Which doesn’t sound as impressive, putting them in our faces that is, as it was, because these are some sizable oysters.


The portions and presentation were great. I’m sort of convinced that someone told them that you can’t provide quality and quantity, and they’ve worked hard to say “Oh yeah?” with every dish (but real sarcastic like).


And if you want to let your food digest for a while, go check out the bar, because the above and beyond service doesn’t end at the table, the bartenders here really know how to give you service and hospitality.


The service alone makes the whole experience worth it, but when the food is this inventive and well executed there’s just no argument to be made against going.