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Mad Beach Fish House

The vibe at Mad Beach Fish House is really cool. The inside looks sort of like if a family diner were right on the docks of a fishing port with New England style decor, and the outside has a cool tiki bar that overlooks the water. The whole place has a really friendly atmosphere. The menu is varied enough to where pretty much anyone can find something they’re into (even if you’re not that huge a fan of fish, they’ve got you covered).


 We ordered a dozen Key West Oysters that were topped with blue crab and Parmesan cheese. These were so good we almost ordered a second dozen, but we had to save room for for some more food.


Speaking of more food, we ordered a Blackened Grouper Sandwich cooked to perfection that came served with some freshly made fries.  They make a lot of the stuff on their menu fresh, so for the fish that means fresh fish from that day’s catch, and for the fries that came served with this sandwich it means that they cut up potatoes, soaked them in salty brine for a full day, and then fried them with the skin still on. They were delish. The fish spread they served was no exception either, it’s made in house, and it’s rad.  Salmon that was smoked in house and they mixed it with Mahi. Awesome blend of flavors that was served with fresh vegetables and jalapeño peppers.  We even bought extra to take home for Sunday afternoon football.  We lied to all our friends and told them we made it ourselves. I think they’ll finally stop arguing with me about coming to my place for events. Downside is I’ll probably have to go back to Mad Beach Fish House anytime I have people over just to keep up the ruse. Finally had to tell them about Mad Beach Fish House.  The Lobster Roll was just the way we like it with not too much mayo or celery.


I’m a coleslaw freak. I say that openly. I’m not ashamed. Some people say it’s gross. I don’t talk to those people anymore. So believe me when I say, “Mad Beach Fish House makes some bangin' coleslaw,” that I’m not joking. That wouldn’t even be a funny joke if I were.


Mad Beach Fish House isn’t some sort of overpriced tourist trap. They’ve got food that starts out delicious, and becomes more enticing with each bite. If you don’t want your dreams to be haunted by desire for more tasty seafood treats, then this is a place you might want to avoid. I swear i didn’t stop thinking about the food here for days. Otherwise, it’s totally “Worth It!", and you should stop in and check them out. You can thank us later.


Address: 13205 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Phone:(727) 398-4103


Menu: madbeachfishhouse.com