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Casita Taqueria

Casita Tacos on Central Ave. in downtown St. Pete is an awesome little spot to dine in or pick up some tacos. They’re a prime example of how having a simple menu isn’t always a detriment, but in some cases is a strength. When you’re doing everything this well, who cares if you’re not making crazy concoctions of food. Casita is doing tacos right, and they’re some of the best you’ll ever eat.


 Everything tastes authentic from the first bite to the last, and that’s probably because they make everything in house down to the corn tortillas, and it shows in the taste. These aren’t your “made by the thousands” brand of store bought tortillas. Nope. Instead you get hot fresh tortillas made to order, packed with fresh ingredients. And when I say packed, I don’t mean they’re throwing random stuff in these things and calling them tacos.  Here, they stick to the basics and put only the flavors in there that accomplish the goal they want. And as if that wasn’t enough, they look great too. Everything here is executed really well, and the presentation is no exception.


 We ordered the Carne Asada tacos, and they were served with this incredibly tasty mango salsa that pulled everything together well, and added a nice kick to the dish without being too much spice. They also have daily specials to keep their menu fresh, and the “Paranormal Portobello Chimichurri Taco” didn’t disappoint. With sliced portobello mushrooms, poblano peppers, and yellow squash that was marinated in chimichurri sauce and then grilled to perfection, what’s not to like? The delicious creamy crumbled cheese served on top? Nope, because that was rad too.


Something about the portion size to price ratio doesn’t match up. They’re only charging around $3.50 per taco and let me tell you they are “Way Worth It!”.  Not only that, but we left feeling like we had just eaten a fresh healthy meal. If all of that’s not “Worth It!”, I don’t know what is.


Address: 2663 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33713


Phone:(727) 223-1031


Menu: casitatacos.com